Our forth robot competition was held again at Durango Hills Community Center / YMCA in the north west area of Las Vegas. We had 21 robots competing in the 4 different events, including our new Pool Race competetion.

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Line Following Results

We had 6 robots competing in this event. Robots had to make 3 laps around the track without falling off, and were given 2 chances to do this. We started with preliminary races to determine the top 4, and then had a single elimination bracket to pick the winners. Many of the bots were racers at the last event, but all of those had slower times this time around.
The line following track had 12 straight tiles, and 24 curve tiles, for a total 3 lap length of about 2821 cm.

RobotBuilderBest Time
1st PlaceLaserByon Garrabrant43.44 seconds
2nd PlaceWhat's That Smell?Jan Malasek44.54 seconds
3rd PlaceQuixoScott Garrabrant1:35
4th PlaceJG 1000Jacob2:02
Got the ShakesMike Griffith3:23
Big UglyCandice KamachiLost the line

Mini Sumo Results
We had 7 entrants in the mini sumo event. As we did last competition, the preliminary events were a chance for every bot to have a single battle with every other. Then the top 4 from the preliminaries went on to a single elimination bracket of best 2 of 3 battles.
RobotBuilderPreliminary Wins
1st PlaceUltra VioletJan Malasek4 wins
2nd PlaceBucky 2.0Scott Garrabrant3 wins
3rd PlaceHappy Jr.Byon Garrabrant6 wins
4th PlaceRedMike Griffith4 wins
DK2Dennis Krostoski2 wins
B-DogBrandon Hjelstom1 win
QuartoScott Garrabrant0 wins

Line Maze Results
We had 3 competitors in the Line Maze event. They were all either a bot from, or from a builder in the 2.0 competition. All three solved the maze perfectly after the initial exploration. All three also showed a sign of realization of solving the maze, so all received the 0:10 bonus removes from their time. This event was down to one half a second between first and second place.
1st PlaceSquareJan Malasek0:31 seconds
2nd PlaceMini MazerByon Garrabrant0:32 seconds
3rd PlaceQuoridorScott Garrabrant2:38

Pool Race Results
We invented a new event for this competition, a NASCAR style muli-bot race around a track. Two tracks were used, an inflatable pool, and also an inflatable pool along side a large trash bin. Bots started equally spaced around the track, and had to complete 5 laps around the track, while hopefully passing other racers. This resulted in several multi-bot pileups, but the winning bot was fast, and stayed far away from the inside walls of the track, so it was never caught up in the collisions. We had 5 competitors in this event, and, although we didn't realize that it would become such a contact sport, it was the most exciting event of the day. </tr> </tr> </table>

Event pictures
Here are a few random pictures from the event.
The table of the competitors Mini-Mazer running the maze The crowd enjoying the sumo event Ready to start the first run on the complex course Pool Boy caught in the turn Collision time on the simple course Dog's Pants keeping to the outside Her Pleasure was small, slow and steady


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1st PlaceDog's PantsBen Schmidel5 laps on complex course</a>
2nd PlaceHer Pleasure</a>Nat Luvera</a>3 laps on simple course
3rd PlaceCentrifugal Force</a>Scott Garrabrant3 laps on simple course
</td>Pool Boy</a>Dave Leblanc</a>3/4 lap on simple course
</td>Wiggles the 2nd</a>Candice Kamachi1/2 lap on simple course